A Sundt / Walsh Joint Venture has been selected by the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission to replace the headworks at the Southeast Water Pollution Control Plant with an all-weather facility that can handle 250 million gallons per day. The project includes three scopes of work.

Scope I – Site Preparation

The primary focus is to create a flow reroute pipe to send wet weather flows around an existing headworks facility. Work includes but is not limited to:

  • modifications to existing electrical substations and reroute of 12kV line,
  • deep foundation work including concrete piles and pier installation,
  • seismic upgrade of the existing Primary Sedimentation Building,
  • installation of a new 78-inch steel bypass line,
  • modifications to existing piping systems including the addition of control valves,
  • multiple utilities, public street lane, and sidewalk modifications,
  • demolition of the existing

Scope II – Bruce Flynn Station

Upgrades and general modifications within the existing Bruce Flynn Station, which will remain operational.

Work includes but is not limited to:

  • removal and replacement of six 430 HP submersible pumps and appurtenances,
  • removal and replacement of six VFDs,
  • removal and replacement of two wet well dewatering pumps and appurtenances,
  • furnishing and installing a new closed-circuit television system and miscellaneous E&IC,
  • removal and replacement of existing odor control system,
  • removal and replacement of two 84-inch by 84-inch bar screen inlet gates/actuators, removal and replacement of one 48-inch by 48-inch gate removal and replacement of submarine doors to the wet wells,
  • construction of new 36-inch and 72-inch sewers with underground reinforced concrete structures on piles, deep shoring system and groundwater control/settlement monitoring control necessary for existing complex soil

Scope III – Headworks

Construction of a new reinforced concrete headworks structure. Work includes but is not limited to:

  • pile foundations, reinforced concrete structure,
  • structural steel and miscellaneous metals,
  • architectural treatments, coatings,
  • new odor control structure and system,
  • HVAC with FRP duct,
  • process and mechanical equipment/pipe and EI & C systems.


For More information (including contracting), please contact:

David Cooley
Office: (480) 293-3275
Cell: (602) 989-2560